Mosque Alert is set in Naperville, IL in the summer of 2015.

The Baker Family

Ted Baker
(the dad)
Founding Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Chamber of Commerce. Respected leader and entrepreneur. Demonstrates confidence and authority, if not a little arrogance. Comfortable wielding power. Born and raised in Naperville, Illinois. Married college-sweetheart Emily in 1987. 54 years old.

Emily Baker
(the mom)
Longtime homemaker and stay-at-home mom eager to reinvent herself. Born and raised in Hinsdale, Illinois. Has lived a relatively sheltered, pampered and un-examined life. Basically well-intentioned, exudes personability, empathy and a desire to grow. 53 years old.

Carl Baker
(the son)
Graduate student at The University of Chicago pursuing a PhD in Political Science. A politically progressive activist and out gay man. Highly self-aware and self-assured. Neither a gay stereotype nor "straight-acting," idealistic and a bit of a geek. Born and raised in Naperville. 26 years old.

Jen Baker
(the daughter)
Soon-to-be senior at Naperville's North Central College pursuing a double major in French and Education. Recently returned from her junior year abroad in Paris, France. Attuned to other people's opinions, and will occasionally play devil's advocate. Born and raised in Naperville. 21 years old.

Daniel Baker
(Ted's brother)
Brother of Ted Baker. Passionate conservative ideologue and creator of the website. An attorney by profession. Born and raised in Naperville. Divorced, no kids. 57 years old.

The Khalil Family

Mostafa Khalil
(the husband)
Full-time imam (spiritual leader) of Naperville’s Al Andalus Mosque since 2010. Born in Cairo, Egypt. Came to the US in 1991 at the age of 18 to study civil engineering. Married wife Aisha in 2000, in an arranged marriage. They have two children, daughter Maryam (14) and son Issa (12). Worked in the corporate sector for several years but felt professionally and spiritually unfulfilled. Generally gentle and diplomatic, while firm in his beliefs. 42 years old.

Aisha Khalil
(the wife)
Head pharmacist at a Walgreens Drugstore. Wears the hijab. Born in Cairo, Egypt. Came to the US in 1998 at the age of 23 to pursue graduate studies in pharmacology. Her righteous anger and sense of victimhood are often a cover for her vulnerability and disappointment. 40 years old.

The Qabbani Family

Tawfiq Qabbani
(the dad)
Chairman of the Al Andalus Mosque Board of Directors. Successful developer and businessman. Born in Damascus, Syria, and graduated from The University of Damascus. Married wife Aminah in 1985 and immigrated to the US with her in 1987. Settled in Naperville in 1991. Confident, strong-willed and used to getting his way. Not above "bending" or "massaging" rules in the interest of earning profit. 55 years old.

Aminah Qabbani
(the mom)
Socialite, stay-at-home mom and aspiring fashion designer for contemporary Muslim women. Wears the hijab and is always impeccably dressed and accessorized. Born in Damascus, Syria, graduated from The University of Damascus. Opinionated, blunt and image-conscious about her family and community. Homesick for Syria and deeply affected by the Syrian civil war. 53 years old.

Samar Qabbani
(the daughter)
Graduate student at DePaul University pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Occasionally wears the hijab. US born, has lived in Naperville since the age of two. A passionate, unapologetic Muslim feminist, bold, smart, committed to her friends. 26 years old.

Farid Qabbani
(the son)
Recently hired for an entry level position at a local accounting firm, having just graduated from North Central College. Born and raised in Naperville. A bit of a stoner, rebel and contrarian actively questioning his Muslim identity. Good hearted and romantic. 22 years old.