World Premiere Review Quotes

Mosque Alert, an explosive world premiere, is seen—and felt—from all sides. Jamil Khoury’s kickass script is exemplary in its civic-minded bridge-building.”

—Larry Bommer, Stage and Cinema

Mosque Alert has one of the most powerful scenes I have heard in the theatre in a long, long, long time. This is a current play about important things happening here and happening now. Go and see it!”

—Jonathan Abarbanel, Windy City Times

“At any given moment in Jamil Khoury’s play Mosque Alert, some in the audience are bound to (silently) applaud the sentiments being spoken while others (just as silently) no doubt are feeling enraged by them. So there you have it: precisely the right recipe for a solid argument play. Democracy (and the First Amendment) in action.”

—Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

“Clearly articulated… It is a very American story about politics, patriotism, money, and assimilation. Jamil Khoury and the cast and crew of Mosque Alert allow a range of perspectives to be heard and offer no easy answers.”

—Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Stage Standard

“Khoury is a romantic and a true believer in the potential for tolerance and understanding. Mosque Alert ultimately is a plea for understanding and compassion that takes aim at the anti-Muslim forces.”

—Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

“What makes Mosque Alert so compelling are the nuances within each family… revealing the weaknesses in all of its characters and in doing so, pointing out the humanity in all of them as well.”

—Kim Campbell, Third Coast Review

"Mosque Alert is a deeply political, deeply personal treatise on the state of Muslim-American relations in America. Presented with vigor from a talented and diverse cast, this incisive and compelling new American drama is not to be missed.”

—Brent Eickhoff, Chicago Tribune, Evanston Community Pages

Mosque Alert tackles a range of contemporary subjects, from fear of Islam, to the crooked politics of zoning laws, to national and individual responses to acts of terror. When Khoury asks his characters to make choices about their public and private beliefs, he involves the audience in the outcome for this mosque.”

—Sarah Bowden, Theatre by Numbers

Mosque Alert is significant for its insistence that discussion of Islam’s place in America be reasoned, honest, well-informed, and treat humans as unique individuals instead of abstractions or targets of collective blame.”

—Jacob Davis,

Mosque Alert offers a matrix of possibilities, each raising questions and offering contrasting responses. With every turn of the prism, Khoury lays out disparate and authentically grounded perspectives.”

—Roxane Assaf Lynn, Huffington Post